Jessica Veronica Couch

Jessica Veronica Couch is a fit technology expert in the fashion technology space and Founder of Luxor + Finch Consulting. Jessica received her undergraduate degree from North Carolina State University's College of Textiles in Fashion Product Development and her Master’s in Digital Innovation and Fit from Cornell University under the guidance of Professor Susan P Ashdown. In 2018, she received her certificate for Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals from University of Virginia. 

Since the completion of her Master’s, she has worked with and advised numerous companies, brands and retailers in the fit technology space. Jessica has published over 60 articles on the matter of fit and fit tech, a thesis on fit and perception and curated events and panels on the subject of fashion and fit technology. As a consultant, Jessica works to resolve the pain points caused by fit through technology integration. Through Luxor + Finch Consulting, she is able to focus on integrating technology throughout the supply chain to improve fit, educate brands on fit as a competitive advantage and to devise sustainability solutions.  In September 2018, she along with co-founder Brittnay Hicks, launched the Women of Color Fashion Tech Brunch bringing together women of color in the fashion, tech, and finance industries for networking and support during NY Fashion Week. She has spoken at events across the country and including SXSW 2019, has been featured in WWD and has been a guest on Fashion is Your Business Podcast. Jessica Couch is a speaker, writer, innovator and champion of body positivity.