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Avataar. ME User Research Study

At, our vision is to pioneer immersive digital experiences to transcend physical realism in commerce, We are bringing A/VR technology and fashion together on mobile to let you..


1) Experience immersive 3D fashion discovery, mix & match apparel and accessories from different brands on your favorite celebrity avatars

2) Personalize your experience with your own realistic 3D avatars from a single 2D face selfie, and style yourself by virtually trying make-over outfits and hairstyles to evaluate look and fit.

For this engagement, we'd like for you to try out the app (pre-release version) and let us interview you. The pre-release will be available mid-August.  The interview will be conducted over audio calls (1- 1.5 hour), We may also record the conversation.

To take part in the study, submit your information below and take the survey at the bottom of the page!

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