Copy Content Project Examples

Wire Frame Example

Fit Based E-comm Design

Designed a fit based wire frame layout for an e-commerce site dedicated to custom clothing.

SXS: Fit based merchandising

Fit based merchandising helps to manage expectations and provide a more directive and relatable experience to help convey fit in lieu of a physical try-on.


Technology Product Management Work Examples

Product Management: FTSY.AI

As a product manager, my job was to bridge the needs of the consumer with the development of the app while considering, budget, milestones, ergonomics and limitations of iOS and Android,

App Testing: MySize ID

Testing is important for all technology. Luxor + Finch designed and executed several tests of the MySizeID app in the US market to gather customer feedback, ensure accuracy and collect valuable quantitative and qualitative data,


Experience Development examples

Fit Technology 101 Meetup

Fit Technology 101 brings together professionals, executives, brands and retailers to test, discuss and experience the latest fit based technology. Meetups consists of webinars, in person demos, retail pop up shops and panel discussions.



The Women of Color is Fashion Tech Brunch is a an opportunity for all people in support of more diversity and inclusion in the fashion and fashion tech industry. Held twice a year during New York Fashion Week.


Clients and Partners