Many technologies have come into the fit space promising end to end solutions for the return issue. Years and millions of dollars later, no comprehensive solution exist to this day. Fit is a complicated issue that has to be approached strategically.  Solutions for fit involve technological integration in the design room, supply chain and E-commerce but not always at once. In addition to technology integration, fit solutions require proper interpretations of analytical and anthropometric data. Unlike other companies offering one solution, we create customized strategies to solve the fit issue for each company individually.  We are the Fit Technology Experts. 



Fit technology company services

We help technology companies in the fit space develop the RIGHT technology solution to solve the fit problem. Fit Tech requires the right understanding of the consumer, as well as other companies past failures. 


Retailer consulting services

Technology integration can be complicated, we can help you determine the most efficient way to optimize technology into your processes and departments in order to enhance the fit experience and decrease returns. Is each department optimize to use the right technology for fit efficiently?

 Custom Design

Custom Design Solutions

We provide custom software solutions to create pre-tailored pattern blocks that works with every CAD software on the market. We can increase your lead time significantly. Is your current manufacturing process slowing down your custom clothing business?


Fit Tech 101 Meetup @ 5th Ave Wework



Luxor + Finch LLC specializes in fit technology consulting. We are global fit experts here to create unique solutions for your unique fit needs. We work with all types of companies of varying sizes to provide custom solutions for your fit needs. 

CAD Proficiencies: Lotta, Browzwear | Accumark 3D, Gerber | CLO 3D | TUKA 3D


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