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Our Mission:


Traditional retail is dead. Consumer centric retail is changing the shopping experience and fit is the top concern for shoppers. Our mission is to reduce the pain points cause by fit, including returns, dead inventory, low conversions and the massive amounts of textile waste, and to increase shareholder value. To achieve this, we help brands better match people to product with technology integration throughout the supply chain and through restructuring of antiquated methods and practices. No gimmicks, just results.

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People to Product

Luxor + Finch helps global fashion and footwear corporations unlock the power of innovation by implementing fit technology and best practices. Fit is continuing to be seen as a competitive advantage for brands and retailers. We bring an unbiased understanding of fit based technology solutions and best practices to corporations through our extensive network of technologies, institutions and experts.


The Impact

Fit is not just an issue of plus size or poor sizing alone, it is an issue of waste reduction, efficient practices, social justice and the correction of a misaligned supply and demand relationship in the fashion and apparel industry. The current consumer centric economy we are living in requires a complete restructuring of retail practices in order to move forward. Without a better way to match people to product stores will fail.



Dollars OF returns annually

Over 64B of apparel is returned annually in the US alone. over 70% of surveyed consumer cite fit as the main reason for making apparel and shoe related returns.



Dollars of dead inventory

In addition to high amounts of returns, poor buying, planning and a poor understanding of customer needs has led to 50B of dead inventory annually. That’s inventory that never leaves the stores and inevitably end up in land fills



tons of textile waste

Returns and dead inventory contributes over 15 million tons of textile waste in the US alone. We need a better system.


Our Services

Fit Technology integration is the implementation of fit based technology and best practices into the supply chain to reduce the pain points traditionally cased by fit. We offer several services to help brands and retailers navigate the fit tech space. No gimmicks, just real solutions based on real research and data.



For fit based technology companies, we provide product management services to prepare your technology for retail integration..

Product Management

For retailers and brands, we source and manage pilots based on the internal needs of companies who have identified their fit pain points.


We provide fit based consulting for companies looking to integrate solutions to resolve their fit pain points. We vet viable solutions for brands and retailer to help make the best decisions and develop white label technology as well.


Luxor + Finch also offers corporate development, workshops, speaking opportunities to provide education opportunities.

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June 2019

“As customers begin to prioritize fit in their shopping process, brands need to adjust. This means understanding the concept of size diversity beyond plus size.

People of all shapes and sizes are finding it difficult to find well-fitting garments and many are not satisfied with the current state of retail.” 

Jessica Couch “The Outside View: Size Isn’t Just a Plus-size Issue” / Read Full Article



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