Fit Technology:

The use of best practices, innovative techniques and technologies to help shoppers confidently perceive fit in lieu of a physical try-onFit technology relies on data, perception, behavior and innovation. But it is not just about technology, fit perception can be influenced through content, copy, UX and many other techniques. Figuring out which techniques and methods are best for you is what we are here to help you to do.


Are You A Tech Company?


Many technology companies are attempting to solve the fit problem through innovative methods. However, because of the nature of fit and its subjectivity, many companies are not solving the right problem. This is where we step in. Do you have the answer to what the right fit is?

Do You Develop Content and Copy?


Content and copy are two main components that help shoppers understand fit in the digital world. When properly executed, content and copy drive conversions. How well does your copy drive conversion on your ecommerce? Are you using content in a way that is persuasive to shoppers?

Do You Design?


The fit problem begins in the design room. Well designed clothing is quality clothing. However, fit is often neglected when it comes to varying body types. Are you utilizing data and customer feedback into your design room? Do you have a standardized fit for your brand? Why not?




Luxor + Finch LLC specializes in fit technology consulting. We are fit experts here to create unique solutions for your unique fit needs.

We currently have a patent pending on a unique shopping platform.


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