We vet the best industry technologies available that can easily integrate into existing ecosystems and provide immediate results. We also have the option for custom system development. what ever the issue, we have a solution.


Body Shape Analysis tool

The iSize body shape analysis tool allows companies to optimize their size charts for better sizing standards. Additionally, the tool allows users to analyze body shapes using over 50 million data points based on demographics in order to understand the various postures, shapes, body types and changes of the human body. The platform aggregate the wealth of data into an interactive tool that form 3D body shapes based on real life bodies. Best solution for understanding targeted demographics.

Parametric Pattern Making

Custom parametric pattern and production management

Custom parametric pattern development systems allow brands to rapidly develop custom clothing and the assets necessary for production. Production management tools also allow brands to quickly create new trendy garments using block libraries. This method cuts the time for production in half. These tools easily integrate with CAD systems and 3D virtualization tools.


Mobile body scanning technology

Our solutions integrate accurate mobile body scanning devices that extract user measurements for the use of product matching and custom clothing. These solutions are convenient, innovative, and accurate while helping to change the way we collect anthropometric data. These solutions are for both clothing and shoes and can be used for development and in retail integration.