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Avataar. ME User Research Study

At, our vision is to pioneer immersive digital experiences to transcend physical realism in commerce, We are bringing A/VR technology and fashion together on mobile to let you..


1) Experience immersive 3D fashion discovery, mix & match apparel and accessories from different brands on your favorite celebrity avatars

2) Personalize your experience with your own realistic 3D avatars from a single 2D face selfie, and style yourself by virtually trying make-over outfits and hairstyles to evaluate look and fit.

For this engagement, we'd like for you to try out the app (pre-release version) and let us interview you. The pre-release will be available mid-August.  The interview will be conducted over audio calls (1- 1.5 hour), We may also record the conversation.

To take part in the study, submit your information below and take the survey at the bottom of the page!


Submissions are now closed! Thank you so much for your inquiries!

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