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Fit Parties!

Fit Parties: Throw a Fit Party For Your Customers

Fit Party


Luxor + Finch is offering a new shopping experience based all around fit. Fit parties are parties (DJ, cool atmosphere etc.) where brands can provide a shopping experience enabled with tech where shoppers do not have to try-on clothing. The intimate experiences allow brands to get crucial feedback from their customers and it gives customers an amazing tech-enhanced shopping experience.

Experience is such a crucial part of retail. But not all experiences are created equal. Fit Parties are designed to benefit the brand and the shopper and eliminate the worst parts of shopping: trying on clothing. 

throw a fit party


Each fit party can be customized to the brand, the format is generally kept the same:

  • Shoppers are invited to a pop-up store experience.
  • Optional drinks, food, and a DJ are provided to help create the party feel. 
  • Shoppers are given a tech tool to enhance their experience. 
  • The tool collects anthropometric data as well as general data about the shopper. The tool can be downloaded on the shoppers' phones or tablets or mobile devices can be handed out at the event. 
  • The shopper purchases products and the brands make money while having additional data on how to create better products and experiences.

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