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[RECAP VIDEO]: Bespoke Technology Webinar Q&A

bespoke tech

On Wednesday June 20th at 10:00am, Luxor and Finch hosted  a live webinar conversation with Seth Verbeek on digital pattern tailoring software for the bespoke industry. This fit technology is able to streamline the production process through an end-to-end solution for custom bespoke companies.

Seth VerBeek digitized the entire end-to-end supply chain of tech startup, and men's custom clothier, Alton Lane. This included the user interface of the multi-showroom ordering system, creating digital garment patterns, writing grading rules and a custom algorithm for pre-production alterations, sending order input to a secure FTP site, generating quality control files for measuring every one-off garment, routing orders to their prioritized factory in either China or Thailand, and picking up the output on a Gerber automated cutter machine. Seth also implemented new business process, both internally and abroad, with suppliers and manufacturing partners.

The full solution was successful launched in September 2013, and is still in use today, even after rapid growth and aggressive scaling of the company. As a direct result, Alton Lane saved about ½ yard of each fabric used in every garment of every order, or approximately, $60k in annual savings per showroom location.

Recap Video Below: