2015 Denim Shopper Fit Case Study


Visual Design

Data Analysis

Market Research

Segmented Market Analysis


Multiple men’s denim brands saw declining sales of denim online and in-store. Companies mistakenly assumed the decline was due to the athleisure trend.  Brands and retailers' inability to understand the purchase behaviors, motivators and influences of fit in the virtual space prohibited the growth of male denim shoppers .


A two-part study ( in-store and online) was conducted to test the influencers and purchase motivators  of male denim shoppers. 

During this process, major influences over male denim online shopping decisions were discovered and traditional assumptions about male shoppers were disproved.

The study designed a solution that improved internal intelligence about customer preference and motivations that increased sales. Although the study was based on male denim shoppers, the solutions can be applied to various e-commerce apparel, jewelry and shoe brands.

To-date: "The $13.5 billion U.S. denim market grew 4 percent in 2016, highlighting its rebound from recent challenging times, according to The NPD Group"


Market Penetration Strategy

Company B remains anonymous to protect their strategies from competitors


Market Analysis

Market Penetration Strategy


Employee Preparation




Company B, a fashion and tech company built a 3D design and sample viewing platform. The new company needed to penetrate the US market with a successful consumer adaption strategies. Unfamiliar with the US industry, Company B chose Luxor + Finch to build out an innovative marketing strategy that was sensitive to a volatile market with forward thinking competitors.


232% increase in engagement for brand. Influencer program established in US.   



 Luxor + Finch thoroughly analyzes the US market in relation to 3D sample making products and crafted a market penetration strategy. The strategy outlined the relevant US market in detail, analyzed competitors, strategic partnerships, engagement opportunities and formulated a direct plan of action for the next two years.



Techpacker Content Development


Content development

Graphic Design

Copy Writing

Problem: Content engagement. Techpacker desired to increase consumer engagement through blog content on

Solution: Luxor + Finch crafter several blogs that educated users on the importance of the product/platform while helping users better understand the solution Techpacker provides in terms that were easily understandable. The blog generated the most traffic and engagement of any guest blogs on the Techpacker website during the first week the blog was posted helping to drive traffic and build loyalty.


BWTG Backwoods Techgear Wearable Tech


Wearable tech design

Production optimization



Problem: BWTG  company wished to integrate of bluetooth technology into Glove. BWTG wanted to design a bluetooth, waterproof glove for outdoor sports that was functional and stylish.  


Solution: BWTG hired Luxor + Finch to design bluetooth harness that can easily fit into multiple gloves while not compromising functionality and design. Luxor + Finch also designed the technology to be ergonomic and secured a proprietary design for the harness insert. L+F conducted research on which design would allow the placement of the technology to be optimized. Successfully created a removable design for inserts into multiple gloves without significant cost increase for production.