Services Overview

Luxor + Finch provides Fit Technology Consulting for brands, retailers and tech companies looking to thrive in the evolving fashion and apparel industry.

Design Room

  • 3D design tool implementation
  • Department Training
  • Continuing Education


  • Fit Technology integration
  • Smart fitting rooms
  • Fit Tech and  POS integration

Online: UX/UI

  • Shape and fit based merchandising
  • Fit/ Shape/ Body type focused copy and content development
  • Fit tech tools integration


  • Tech Foundation Integration
  • Product Management
  • Launch Events
  • Testing Events
  • Custom Tech Development 

Supply Chain

  • Operations enhancements
  • Custom clothing technology integration
  • Logistics optimization
product management

Product Management

We help technology companies in the fit space develop the RIGHT technology solution to solve the fit problem. Fit Tech requires the right understanding of the consumer and agile development practices.

Desig and retail strategy


Technology integration can be complicated, we can help you determine the most efficient way to optimize technology and provide strategies and best practices to resolve your fit related issues.

custom solutions PDM and digtal pattern

Custom Solutions

We provide custom software solutions for your company's needs. Whether you need to optimize your bespoke business or create more transparency within your supply chain we work with teams of experts who can get the job done.


Fit Technology consist of technology integration, strategies and best practices that enhances a person's understanding of fit in lieu of a physical try- on experience. -Jessica Couch

Our perspective:

We view fit as a competitive advantage as well as a loss management tool. Through research and experience we confidently believe that the integration of fit technologies and best practices can inevitably improve your products, services, customer satisfaction, environmental impact, supply chain and bottom line.

What we do:

We create custom solutions, strategies, and software centered around fit technology integration. Our goal is to help you understand fit as your competitive advantage, integrate respective technologies/best practices to create the best possible experiences  for your customers.

How we work:

We are your team members, bringing our own experts and advisors to solve your problems. We have a database existing technology, fit experts, software developers and project managers to help us to complete the job. No job is too big or too small and distance is not a barrier.

We work on both hourly rates and retainers.

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Human Solutions latest Size North America survey provides new data sets of North American shoppers that are available to use in the iSize tool. The tool utilizes hundreds of thousands of measurements and demographic information, giving brands a better understanding of their customers sizes and shopping habits in 3D visualization. Companies can select their individual target group by age, standard size or region optimize their sizes table based on up-to-date body dimensions and determine size & fit-related market share. The tool provides accurate 3D representations of body types.