SXS Virtual Styling methods helps customer shopped based on their preferences.

+Increase consumer confidence 

+Increase Frequency purchases and - decrease return rates

Combining Virtual Styling Methods with Technical data analysis. 

Manage fit based expectations.

"Shape is a key piece of information when styling a client."  

Virtual Styling + Consistent Metadata = Better shopping experiences

Stylist recommendations + purchase data. 

Customized data analysis based on your unique customer


"SXS" is a proprietary concept developed by our team that helps retailers better convey fit in the virtual world. In lieu of a actual technology, SXS is a method that "styles" your catalogues based on fit perception relevant to your customers' preferences.

"Shape is the first key piece of information that a stylist considers when styling a client. We combine styling techniques with data to provide a real solution for e-commerce catalogues". 


For a free initial consultation of how this method can help your e-commerce submit your email and a message with a link to your e-commerce site. 


Our method is based on a study conducted at Cornell University about online purchasing influences and methods to enhance online shopping.  'SXS' and 'Shop By Shape' are trademarked and copyright protected.