SXS Virtual Styling methods helps customer shopped based on their preferences.

+Increase consumer confidence 

+Increase Frequency purchases and - decrease return rates

+ Manage fit based expectations.

+Virtual Styling + Consistent Metadata = Better shopping experiences

+Stylist recommendations + purchase data. 

+Customized body shape analysis based on your unique customer segmentation


What is it: "SXS" is a proprietary concept developed by our team that helps retailers better convey fit in the virtual world. it combines body shape analysis, minor technology integration and customer segmentation. We take a holistic approach to determining the key fit needs of you customers and detect the gaps in the process leading to the issues.

How Does it Work: After an in-depth body shape analysis of your customers, we then lead the creation of visual look books for shoppers to self identify and direct their shopping experience. We use the analysis to address fit issues in the copy and content of products and in the look book layout and catalogue aggregation.

"Shape is the first key piece of information that a stylist considers when styling a client. We combine styling techniques with data to provide a real solution for e-commerce catalogues". 


For a free initial consultation of how this method can help your e-commerce submit your email and a message with a link to your e-commerce site. 


Our method is based on a study conducted at Cornell University about online purchasing influences and methods to enhance online shopping.  'SXS' and 'Shop By Shape' are trademarked and copyright protected.