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FIT IS DIFFICULT. We took the time to gather the most accurate information across different disciplines to test theories on fit and the consumer. We help to bridge your solution with your intended customer using our expertise on fit technology.  

Fit Technology Expert

3-D Body Scanning Expert

 Our Expert: Jessica Couch

Our Expert: Jessica Couch

Anthropometric Data Interpretation/Analysis

Management Strategy

Technology Integration/Strategy

Product Management

Copy and Content creation

Jessica has written over 51 articles on fit tech and published a thesis under the guise of Susan P. Ashdown at Cornell University. Her unique experience working in product development, retail, technology development and her entreprenuership endeavors gives her a keen understanding of how technology directly affects the consumer.

Product Management

For tech companies, we work as product managers ensuring that your products are correctly aligned with the needs of your customers. A perfect balance of product development and marketing expertise allows us to help you have the best impact for your tech solution. 

Technology Integration Consulting

Luxor + Finch also helps companies vet and integrate the right technology into departments for a more enhanced fit experience, better UX/UI and enhanced supply chain. We create custom solutions for brands and retailers.



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Your Fit Technology Solution Survey
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