Content and Copy

The second most important double C's in fashion outside of Coco Chanel. 



Content is the best way to engage your shoppers. Used correctly, it is a constant feedback loop that helps you to enhance your user experience and your product selection. For fit, content is an important way to communicate fit, engage your customers and help them to determine their best fit. It takes some out-of-the box thinking, but content provides unique ways to convey fit to your shoppers based data. Something as simple as reviews or as sophisticated and a personalized shopping catalogues based on body, styles etc., can make all the difference. 


Copy is often neglected on e-commerce sites but is the most important fit derteminant. This is the first fit explanation a shopper will see and it leave step most lasting impression. Poorly worded copy can hinder your conversion rates significantly.  

How Important is Content and Copy?

Copy and Conversion stats

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Your copy drives product conversions.
Your copy accurately describes fit.
Your copy increase your shopper’s confidence in the fit of the garment.
Your copy is not generic.
You are using your content in a way that is persuasive to shoppers.
Your content is focused on consumers.
Your content is generated from consumer.
Your products have relevant consumer reviews.
You have an open loop of consumer feedback that you use to modify and update your site.
Your catalogues are merchandised based on unique data.