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Luxor and Finch, Founded by Fit tech Expert Jessica Couch, specializes in Fit technology integration, Advising for tech, brands and retailers.

We are helping companies understand how fit is a competitive advantage and how to incorporate fit based strategies and technologies into their business.

“Every body deserves their perfect fit” by Jessica Veronica Couch




We bring a better understanding of fit to corporations though our fit technology integration education efforts. We work across teams and departments to identify fit gaps, educate on available solutions and implement the right technology or practices.




Technology and fashion are the perfect match. Often an integration of technology can cut down on waste, create more efficiency,  reduce returns and match people to product better. Fit technology exist so that the outdated woes of shopping can be eliminated. We vet, integrate and develop technology that reduces the friction caused by fit.




Even in our digital world, Experiences have become even more valuable. We help brands create memorable experiential tech enabled experiences for retail. We believe that connecting shoppers emotionally to brands help to create loyal shoppers. Through fit based technology we enhance the shopping experience and reduce returns while creating loyal customers.



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There is more than one way to resolve a fit issue. No brand is too small or too big to have a solution that works best for their customers.


Clients and Partners

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Jessica Veronica Couch is a fit technology expert in the fashion technology space and owner of Luxor + Finch Consulting. Jessica received her undergraduate degree for North Carolina State University's renowned College of Textiles in Fashion Product Development and her Master’s in Digital Innovation and Fit from Cornell University under the guidance of Professor Susan P Ashdown. In 2018, she received her a certificate for Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals from University of Virginia.

Since the completion of her Master’s, she has worked with and advised numerous companies, brands and retailers in the fit technology space. Jessica has published over 60 articles on the matter of fit and fit tech, a thesis on fit and perception and curated events and panels on the subject of fashion and fit technology. As a consultant, Jessica works as a consumer software product manager and supply chain technology integration strategist. Through Luxor + Finch Consulting, she is able to focus on integrating technology throughout the supply chain to improve fit, educate brands on fit as a competitive advantage and to devise sustainability solutions. In 2018, she launched “Fit Equality”, a corporate responsibility initiative to bring awareness for inclusion, sustainability and better practices centered around fit.  Jessica hosts events on the subject fit and fashion technology, she will be hosting a panel at SXSW 2019 on fit and fit technology. Jessica Couch is a speaker, writer, innovator and champion of body positivity.