Functional Fit Design

Nothing is more important to me than comfort. I’m not alone on this trend, just count how many people you see everyday casually dressed in athleisure. Athlesiure is one of my most favorite trends because you can be comfortable and chic. Not to mention that performance wear is way better fit than other categories of apparel. Everybody loves performance wear. It’s no longer passee to walk around in yoga clothing all day and you won’t be considered overly urban if you wear your sneakers and hoodies around town. We all get it now, comfort and functionality is best. So when it comes to design when will designers catch up?  



Some companies like Ministry of Supply have already integrated functional apparel into everyday wear, saving bike riding men from the embarrassment of sweat stained shirts and restricting suits. Kit & Ace have smarter fabrics for more wash and go looks and lifestyles without wrinkles ( who really wants to iron things anymore?). But where is the rest of the industry? What can’t my closet consist of well thought out and well designed items. Not just capturing the trends but functioning in anticipation of what I need as the end consumer. I can’t tell you how many black running leggings I wear in real life because they feel like second skin and function way better than ordinary leggings.


I get that there is a huge demographic that consumes fast fashion, but there also exist a demographic of people who wants to be equally comfortable and chic. Around this age i’ve noticed a lot of my friends and associates have pieces of clothing that are part of their “personal uniform.” These are pieces that function across seasons, are worn most frequently and are the go-to pieces for dressing in a rush. I’m apart of this group and I want better clothes.


I’m very simple in what I wear but that does not mean I do not want supreme comfort, functionality and fit in the garment. No matter what the price comfort and fit trump everything! Since I cannot find what I am looking for ( I am basics lover)I took time to illustrate what I need in something as basic as a t-shirt and legging. The design plan takes into account my needs as the end user and makes some enhancements. Minor details can give full functionality! I created these looks using CLO3D.



Tell me what you think! Maybe soon I will try my hand in a garment line. We shall see!


Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.37.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.37.29 PM.png

So what do you think? Should more thought be put into your wardrobe essentials or are you ok with what's available? I want to know!