Mobile Strategies + Retailers: Why You Need a Long Term Plan

No matter what size retailer you are, you need a long term mobile strategy. (And not one that involves Pokemon Go) You may be asking why, well take a look at the numbers and keep reading for more info:

Mobile devices continue to dominate consumers’ online retailing preference.

Smart phones and tablets sales are predicted to continuously grow

Retail traffic has increased while desktop traffic has decreased.

Consumers occupy more time in retail via mobile devices.

Charts from Mintel Research Studies on Mobile Commerce

What Do The Numbers Mean?

Phones, in contrast to computers, have much smaller screens for users to interact with. This means that the experience of shopping changes drastically on a mobile device. If your shopper is using mobile, they are also looking for a more direct experience that can cut down on the amount of time spent browsing. A lot of users don’t have the same amount of time invested to browse catalogues via mobile. With the mobile screen delivering a much smaller part of catalogue inventory, it would take longer to browse traditional clothing catalogues via mobile phone without a more customized user experience.

How are Shoppers Using Their Phones?

Often times, people are using their phones in more “companion” like-manners when shopping in-store. People are on their phones sending pictures to friends, text messages back and forth and instagramming photos in the dressing room. People are also using their mobile devices to find coupons while shopping in-store. All of these things should be considered for long-term mobile strategy. However, the reality is that most e-commerce stores aren’t fully equipped to enhance the mobile experience and adjust to this changing demographic behavior.


Mobile, e-commerce and in-store should all work hand in hand to create a healthy omni-channel experience.


Why Do You Need a Long-Term Mobile Strategy?

Still aren’t convinced that you need a long-term mobile strategy? Well go back to the numbers. The amount of people browsing and purchasing items via mobile phone continues to increase. Without a custom integrated mobile app experience you will miss sales and it’s that simple.

Now, in one of my previously written articles, I described the future of mobile shopping being in platforms. Native and non-native apps that can direct your shopping experiences will help customers to stay interested in your product when away from their computers.

Directive shopping experiences are important because customers want more concierge-like experiences to help lead them down the road of a purchase. Online customers want to be catered to similarly to the way an in-store sales associates caters to them. Online, customers still need direction. On a computer, customers are left to scroll through un-customized catalogues with traditional categories to narrow down the selections. On the phone however, without an app, the experience is even more dismal.


Notice men are the ones shopping the most on mobile, curious as to why? Read my article “   Think Like a Lady, Shop Like a Man: Shopping Experiences In The Virtual Space   ”

Notice men are the ones shopping the most on mobile, curious as to why? Read my article “Think Like a Lady, Shop Like a Man: Shopping Experiences In The Virtual Space

How Do You Created a Better Mobile Experience?

Smaller screen = more customized experience. An app is only part of the solution. In addition to the app, there has to be a long term strategy built around strategic partnerships, content marketing and social commerce strategies.  The first thing you need to consider the smaller screen has to create a more intimate user experience. This can be done through several methods: For more info on which methods to use, reference Shopgate’s Webinar where Brian Hill, Executive Director at Phoenix Fashion Week, and myself, Owner of Luxor + Finch Consulting, cover a few solutions like:

  1. Increasing Payment Options

  2. Improving Customer Experience

  3. Enhancing Omni-Channel Experiences

  4. Push Notifications

Watch The Replay of The Webinar Here

Long Term Mobile Strategy Consulting

Contact Luxor + Finch for your long term m-commerce strategy.  I can help you analyze your current e-commerce business, develop a long term implementation strategy for mobile and help you build the mobile app of your dreams!