Fit: The Not So Simple Issue

As a Fit Technology Consultant, I develop strategies based around the issue of fit, to increase profit, customer satisfaction and retention while reducing returns, as well as the ecological footprint in fashion.

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But fit is not just about these aforementioned issues, fit is a matter of inclusivity and representation as I wrote in my article ”Is Fit A Social Justice Issue”.

For so many brands, fit is their competitive advantage and yet so many brands do not have a viable strategy to deal with fit.

I want help solve these issues. There is no one easy way to solve a fit issue, each solution is customized to the brand. Often times, brands have to integrate technology across several departments in order to target their fit issues properly. This may seem like a daunting task, but it takes a creative approach. 

Solving this kind of problem means innovating across departments and categories. This could mean:

  • Conducting a detailed digital diagnostic to assess eCommerce, customer experience, online assortment, copy and content and digital marketing capabilities and performance to identify gaps and opportunities and provide recommendations from the fit perspective.

  • Designing new retail store experiences that integrate innovative technology bridging the digital and physical in a way that is useful for both brands and shoppers.

  • Conducting the data analysis to support the redefinition of a customer engagement strategy

  • Conducting consumer and market research on experiences both online and on mobile to develop a go-to-market strategies

  • Designing a comprehensive omni-channel strategy the encompasses store operations, marketing, ordering & fulfillment, merchandising & planning, and supply chain

No matter the issue, a well integrated solution can be devised.

Luxor + Finch is re-imagining the future of retail. We are helping brands discover digital technologies capable of reducing the friction caused by fit—we enable them to better connect with their customers and transform their businesses.

Because Every Body deserves their perfect fit! Check out our Fit Equality Initiative - Jessica V Couch

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