WWD: The Outside View: Size Isn’t Just a Plus-size Issue

Consultant Jessica V. Couch on why the industry should stop shaming and start understanding the real fit problem.


By Jessica V. Couch on June 4, 2019

In the last few years we have seen the industry “embrace” size diversity. By embrace we mean, featuring more plus-size women on the runway, in magazines and even creating more clothing for plus-size women.

As with all new and innovative concepts, there is always pushback. People often criticize plus-size models for promoting unhealthy lifestyles by being larger than the norm. Brands attempting to cater to the plus-size frames draw criticism for creating clothing that more closely resembles tents rather than stylish pieces. Even within the plus-size community, all shapes are not created equal. All of these things lead us to realize the fashion industry does not have a grasp on sizing…at all.

As customers begin to prioritize fit in their shopping process, brands need to adjust. This means understanding the concept of size diversity beyond plus size. People of all shapes and sizes are finding it difficult to find well-fitting garments and many are not satisfied with the current state of retail. This is evident in the $62 billion-plus of annual returns with a large majority caused by bad fit, according to a Body Labs study a few years ago.

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