Fit Tech User Personas

As fit becomes more and more of a buzzword, Luxor + Finch has provided a way to better understand how fit technology can benefit businesses through infographics. Below are three user personas for businesses who can incorporate  fit technology products or services.

 Men’s Custom Clothing

Traditionally, custom suits can take anywhere from 5-6 weeks after the final fitting to be ready for pick up. In a time when consumers want everything right now, this wait time itself is antiquated. To help speed up the process this company can integrate two technologies:

men's custom suits

  1. Mobile measurement tools: Although many customers benefit from the hands-on tailoring experience, other men would also like to quickly provide their measurements without leaving their house. The business can compromise and use this method in-store  or on the go to quickly take measurements for clients all over the world.

  2. Parametric Pattern System: The system uses coding to create custom clothing for each pattern piece. The system also allows 3D simulation for fit testing. The pieces are kept in the system and can be easily combined with other pattern pieces to create new looks with the same fit. Customers can even give their preferences for ease so that they get the best fitting garment for them. New iterations take seconds and the pieces are immediately ready for production.   

These combined solutions allow faster production, efficient customer intake and online capability that previously was not available.   

Women’s Online DTC Retailer


DTC is the way to go with customers. But  fit is always an issue when shopping online. This women’s retailer brands want to match their customers to their perfectly fitting available garments through their online store.

  1. Mobile measurement tools: This retailer would benefit from the use of a mobile measurement application. Users can scan their bodies at home with their mobile phones and be matched to their perfectly to the best online products.

This solution reduces returns, increase customer confidence and can help to boost more conversation for the brand.  

Private Label Retailer

Privat elabel

This online retailer wants to dominate the fashion industry by introducing private labels based on actual body types. The company has the resources and customer base to success, however, they lack a tool that allows them to properly analyze body shapes in a way that can be used for design.

  1. Body Shape Analysis Tool- This tool allows the designer to source real survey demographics to view 3D body form based on their actual customers. Example. View the bodies of Latin women, with a height: 5’3 and a traditional size 4 across various age groups to see how the body changes and what pattern accommodations are needed.  They are able to assess their body types and needs in order to produce better fitting clothing as well as copy and content. This tool allows the massive retailer to directly address each one of their targeted markets through anthropometric analysis tools and 3D visualization.

  2. Parametric Pattern- This information sourced from the virtual 3D body types can be exported into the pattern making system. Patterns can be rapidly generated and ready for production.

The combination of these two technologies help the company to create better fitting clothing for their targeted consumers while maintaining a database of patterns made especially for this group. They are able to quickly adjust to trends and reduce the return rates for their clothing.

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